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There is no denying to the fact that music heals from within. From bossa nova to bluegrass and Bollywood, we tend to tune in for a virtual global tour.

Close to a thousand radio DJ’s are employed globally to play pop, rock, and Anglophone. Also, there is a belief that if there is something called ” World Music” to them, it has to be REM and Queen.

However, across the world, many radio stations play music depicting their cultures and remnants of the past, present, and the mainstream.

When it comes to virtual travel, music is the best option to go for. Music is inarguably the easiest way to commute your brain from the Covidland to places you wish to visit in future.

The web is pretty exhausted with several aggregators and formats. But below are 10 soundscapes to explore and turn up the audible quotient to Mexican Cantina level.

Map The World

Oslo World is the people who launched this single map virtual Norwegian Music Bash on 1st of April. With a playlist of 20 songs programmed by the local programmers, the musical tour was a big hit. The producers of the map were found saying that the entire music festival has been threatened with the advent of lockdown and many of the programs were postponed. Therefore, tunes from Palestine Music Expo, Panama’s Macro Fest and India’s Bass Camp have somehow filled the gap in a small way. The playlists are also there on Soundcloud.


With the glitz, glamour, and dizzying visuals, Bollywood songs can be soothing to the ears. With retro Bollywood blasts from legends like Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutta, Mukesh, music has its own interpretations. The golden era of Bollywood music is still the era between the mid-1950s and the 80’s soulful melodies. Hits of Bollywood can be a fusion of western and classical elements attached to it. More recently Bollywood has explored excellent production with rich orchestral arrangements.


The continent is clustered with 15000 radio stations both licensed and pirated channels. Many of them are worrying over the presence of Jair Bolsonaro as the boss, but music has always been the mirror for Brazilian people. Bossa Nova Brazil tends to mix the mellow Joao Gilberto/Sergio Mendes tunes with that of livelier bossa beats from legends like Wilson Simonal, the jazz-influenced guitarist Ze Renato and the amazing voice of Nara Leao. The city of Salvador which is the northeastern state of Bahia is the hotspot of all kinds of music. Also with a click on the ” Bahia, Brazil “, you can gain access to some of the great playlists.

Mexican and Border Music

There are a countless number of local radio stations in Mexico with a mixture of native sounds, pop, and foreign rock. But the presenters or the locutores tend to do a lot of ads for chainsaws and cheap chicken. This sort of musical atmosphere remains there forever. Viva El Mariachi is a chat free festive celebration of melodramatic boleros and sublime singers. Across the border, one can find sources of Latin pop, norteno tunes without much interruption. Radio Campesina is one of the FM stations in eight US cities among which Phoenix is the best.

America and Country

Toronto seems to be the coolest place for Livestream American Music. The roots of American Music hops from Alison Krauss to Mudcrutch and Glen Campbell. The playlists of the radio stations feature with full credit and also come with click backlinks so that you can listen to what you had missed. One of the great places to swear by is Nashville’s WSM AM radio station, where you can have classic bluegrass, dolly, Kenny and merle. Founded in 1925, the station is home to Grand Ole Opry( the longest radio running programme).

Aussie indie and community

Anyone who seems to think Aussie Indie is about running for birthday parties then they should read Adelaide’s Three D. The station is run by thousands of volunteers who play pop, rock and funk music by the local artists. The house of the rule is such that 40 % of the content is Australian and the rest of them are South Australian. They also come up with a discussion on topics like mental health, LGBTIQ topics, etc.

Argentine Folklore

Argentina is not always about to-to-tango. The largely spread interior has its roots music linked to the Andean cultures of Peru and Bolivia. Radio Folklore90, based on the capital Buenos Aires is a place of soul-stirring music of Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Eduardo Falu, Los Chalchaleros, etc. Most of its folklore music has its derivation from northwestern cities of Tucuman and Salta.

New York Jazz

WBGO with the tagline ” Public radio from the Jazz capital ” tries to schedule music following the mood of the hour. One will get to listen to everything from eclectic tastes to spinning music tracks of the New York Jazz. Everything goes by the standard of Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington to jazz masters like Jimmy Smith, Wayne Shorter, crossover and a regular host called Bobby Sanabria.


Where to start from? Definitely not by trying the local radio stations. Right from Lagos to Nairobi, every URL’s got crashed or are dysfunctional. One can proceed to Okay Africa, where you can find songs from Ghana, East Africa, Nigeria and South Africa. The site is also linked to Spotify where you can listen to the full tracks. At Mixcloud you can choose to hear South African house, Algerian Rai and groovy Ghanian high life.


Arirang broadcasts a lot of K-Pop by broadcasting it in English from the South Korean island of Jeju. It is a mixture of smooching ballads to electronica and funk laced RnB. Evening shows are mostly concentrated on current affairs by the presenters between news bites. One can get YouTube links for songs from the earlier programmes.

These are some of the amazing soundscapes to explore if you are a virtual tour music enthusiast.