The World Famous Internet Radio Stations That Will Drive You Crazy | most famous radio fm channels

Looking to track the latest tunes? Internet Radio Station is what you just need right now. If you are a radio listener, then, of course, you are passionate about it. Those who haven’t yet tried must go for once. I bet you will never search for any other such medium of entertainment. You can listen to it anytime, anywhere whenever you feel like relaxing a little bit.

So, for the radio lovers, we have brought a list of such amazing internet radio stations that will make you crazy.

Here it is.

1. Palanga Street Radio from Vilnius, Lithuania

It originated from with the spirit of DIY music festival. The PSR DJs are from 16 different countries. It’s a combination of a desire to explore and a spirit of collaboration. They believe in experimentation and trying to invent some innovative type of radio shows. They aim to mix different genres and produce something unparalleled out of it.

2. LYL Radio from Lyon and Paris, France

This is a great platform for reckless music explorers who need a place where their craziness finds expression.

3. WBAR Morningside Heights from New York

The Women’s college in Columbia, Barnard College is its Official owner. This is invented by an alumni who is a WBAR DJ. If you want to have a feminist feel, this will be a great choice for you.

4. Mad Radio from Medellin, Colombia

House and disco is what it focuses in, is a platform for the local talents, it gives voice to their creative efforts.

5. 20ft Radio from Kiev, Ukraine

It used to broadcast from a container of 20ft behind “Strichka”, a factory that used to weave ribbons, and that is the secret of its name. They highlight the dark sound and psychedelic pop. You can listen to international DJs here.

6. HKCR from Hong Kong

It aims to broadcast international shows. It has a unique taste of a local community consisting people from all spheres of art and music.

7. Radio from Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s a radio station that is club backed and entertains live music, talk shows and the DJ sets. It is very recent and have come into focus during COVID-19. Its aim was to support the community of the club, its stuff and the DJs. You will get to know about the showtime from Instagram.

8. Radio Punctum, from Prague, Czech Republic

The DIY community center PUNCTUM is connected to it. It’s actually an abandoned place of the Zizkov district in Prague. This highlights the spirit of Prague’s art, music and club scene. Local artists are their interest. They host the talk shows and also the house, techno and DnB.

9. Boxout FM from New Delhi, India

It is the community radio station that has emerged in India for the first time. It focuses on live streams. It tunes techno, DnB, grime, and electronica that is India’s local flavor.

10. IDA Radio from Tallinn, Estonia, Helsinki, Finland

It came into focus to express the invention in the fields of art and music, cinema and literature. It uses different genres and hosts talk shows on varied topics and it claims to cure the listeners of their intellectual needs.

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