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Radio is the second highest used media platform in the big cities as per the exclusive market research report by Nielson.

Smartphones and digitalization have revolutionized the entertainment and information between people. The way people access news and entertainment channels has evolved over time. The advent of on-demand entertainment has also challenged the connection of radio with new-age consumers. However, against the conventional belief, radio has survived over the years as it has repackaged itself to cater to the needs of the ever-changing consumer. Today the RJ’s communicate in the most Receptive manner, they are themselves active on Social media and interact with the listeners in real time. The engaging and vocal tone of the new generation radio has made it possible for a radio to remain the reigning mode of entertainment and communication between masses, be it metro or small cities. The reach of radio platforms is massive; thus, audio advertising is exceptionally successful.

As per the reports, the Indians listen to the radio almost five days a week, making it the most used platform after Television. Social Media platforms still lag the traditional entertainment and information channels like Television and radio.

More than 86 percent of the residents of the metropolitan cities listen to the radio while social Media is used by around 83 percent of the residents. Television consumption is the highest in the non-metropolitan towns; however, it is almost the same as the radio in the metro cities.

A survey conducted on more than three thousand participants revealed that radio is one of the fastest growing modes of traditional communication in India. The study sponsored by the Music Broadcastlimited, which owns Radio City FM, revealed that the radio is a powerful medium of communication both in the metro and non-metro cities.

Radio is the oldest media platform which is intertwined deeply in the Indian culture. Coming of age entertainment and information transmission medium, radio has adapted itself with changing times. Thesurvey done by the Jagran Prakashan recredited the power of radio in the Indian audiences even though digital media has overpowered the ways of communication. The Director of the Jagran Prakashan said that the survey was to get an idea about the role of radio in both metros and non-metros, with increasing digital media consumption. What the survey highlights are that the overall media consumption pie is expanding and with that, radio has maintained its dominant position,”

The conclusive report reveals that more than 47 percent of people who took part in the survey prefer listening to music on the radio instead of music streaming apps like or Saavn. People use their cell phones to access radio while only 7 percent used radio players for listening to radio stations. People in the non-metro cities used radio players more.

The young age group of 26-45 years is the most viable and target audience for radio advertising. The respondents revealed the pattern that radio is the most trusted medium for information for the age group. As per the report, If the print is considered as a primary medium of advertisement for the real estate sector, radio gives 17% incremental awareness over the edition,” the report said.

The report re-establishes the fact that radio communication is one of the fastest growing businesses in the traditional modes of communication in the present times. The industry is potentially growing at a rate of 16.1 percent and has the power to become 4780 crore industry by the next two years as per a report by Media for the Masses done by KPMG and FICCI. The biggest brands today book radio ads to get deeper penetration in the local markets and consumer-base of every age group.