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Radio Mirchi is one of the leading radio stations of India. Aired in 63 cities on over 72 frequencies, this station is known for producing engaging content. Running with 4 major brands, namely – Mirchi, Mirchi Love, Kool & Ishq, Radio Mirchi is truly the heart and voice of the Indian Youth.

With 1.45 crore listeners across the country, this station is the ultimate destination for brands and businesses looking to promote their products and services.

If you are a marketer or a business owner, then you should explore radio advertisements on this station as nothing can beat the reach and power of a radio station that is enjoyed by millions of people in different cities and states of India. Radio Mirchi 98.3 Advertisement Rates 2020 – Searching for Radio Mirchi Advertisement Rates 2019 & 2020 find rates and how to radio advertisement rates are calculated here. 

How To Book Ads On Radio Mirchi At Lowest Prices

Are you a Radio Mirchi fan and want to publicize your brand over their radio channel? Then you have arrived at the right place. We at Creative Thinks Media will help you with 3 pieces of information in this article. Call us +91 7290002168

  • Types of radio ads
  • Rate card of these ads
  • How to negotiate for radio ads

But before on to these points, it is essential for you to know about Radio Mirchi to some extent.

With a listenership of 40 million, Radio Mirchi remains the number 1 station of the country. The station caters to 34 cities across India which simply means a more significant and wider reach for any brand.

A radio mirchi ad simply comes with amazing ROIs and marketing returns. So now if you are interested in knowing about the world of radio ads, then this 5 minutes long article is just for you!

First of all, you need to know about various types of ads:

  • Radio Commercials: Usually lasting for 7-10 seconds, these advertisements are usually in the form of jingles or dialogues. They are the cheapest to buy and is quite helpful for small brands that want to target a local audience.
  • RJ Mentions: RJs are the heart and soul of a show when it comes to radio. Hence, if an RJ is mentioning a brand, then it is bound to get greater ROI.
  • Sponsorship Tag: Brands can sponsor certain shows over the radio channels that have the same target audience as that of the brand. Such ads are great for mid-sized brands that want to gain some traction.
  • Contests: Companies that have an upcoming campaign can sponsor contests over the radio. These contests help in spreading awareness about the brand and its product and services.
  • Roadblock: These ads are quite famous with brands looking for exclusive publicity. These ads mean that a brand can block some hours of a day for just running their ads. No other brand can run its ads at that time.
  • Outdoor Broadcast: These types of ads are great for one-time activation. In outdoor broadcast, the RJ comes to your place of operation and conducts the show for a day. Though expensive, this method is highly effective for grabbing eyeballs both online and offline.

Coming to the radio mirchi advertisements and radio mirchi 98.3 rates 2020, here is a list of prices that might help you in knowing the approximate cost per ad campaign for your brand:

  • Radio Commercials: They usually cost around Rs. 120 – Rs. 170 per second, which means Rs. 1200 – Rs. 1700 per round for a 10-second jingle.
  • RJ Mentions: RJ mentions are a massive part of radio Mirchi ad list costing around Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 6,000 per mention depending on the show and timings.
  • Sponsorship Tag: The sponsorship tag ads usually cost around Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 1,500 per mention.
  • Contests: The cost of the contest ads include Rs. 1,500 – Rs. 5,000 for conducting the content + the cost of content goodies and hampers.
  • Roadblock Ads: These costs around Rs. 6,00,000 – Rs. 7,00,000 approx. again depending on the RJ and the show that you choose.
  • Outdoor Broadcast: Outdoor broadcast ads cost around Rs. 7,00,000 – Rs. 8,00,000 per broadcast.

Now when you know which ad costs how much, these are some of the negotiation tips that might help you in booking a radio mirchi ad at a lower cost:

  • Make sure that you go with your plan of action. Do not buy whatever the radio staff tells you. Make your schedule of timings, shows and RJs and then amalgamate your list with what is recommended to you.
  • Plan your radio ads well in advance. This will help you in getting discounts for booking months before rolling the ad.
  • Make sure that you compile all your ad requirements. This will help you in placing bulk orders and getting discounts on them.
  • Make your ads a mix of prime and non-prime slots to optimize your marketing spend.

Also, here is what you should have in hand before and after the ad plan is executed.

Before spending on the ad:

  • Do have your buyer’s persona
  • Have your marketing collateral ready
  • Check what your competitors are doing.

After the Ad is live:

  • Ask for tracking reposts to help you know about the results of the campaign.
  • Ask for the final proof of execution of the radio mirchi ad. This comes in the form of a broadcast certificate.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. If you have any other queries related to radio Mirchi ad or radio Mirchi advertisement rates 2020 then do connect with our team of experts at Creative Thinks Media, the number 1 Radio ad agency in Delhi.