Radio is a mass medium that is portable, cheap and effective and is alluring to many advertisers for its mass reach and for the personal touch it provides. At the same time creating effective radio advertisements can be a daunting task so, before you choose Radio as a medium for your brand carefully look down upon the various pros and cons of it.

Pro: It is an affordable option-

Radio advertising is more affordable than other mass mediums such as Television or Print and the cost of production for a radio advertisement is less too because of its audio-only feature. You can produce a radio advertisement in a small set-up and with very less human resources and the advertising on radio channels depending on your niche and your target audience can be chosen making it more cost-efficient than TV.

Pro: Easily target specific demographics and audience:

Radio advertising is unbeatable when it comes to the dissemination of messages to a specific audience. If you are a brand who is looking to target a specific audience like young adults, adolescents, housemakers or maybe sports lovers than radio is the medium for you as it has a more niche audience and programs where you can strategically place your advertisements. Advertising with a local radio with a small audience can help you reach a small demographic profile and is suitable for local businesses.

Pro: Timely message delivery and effective impact

Radio advertisements work on the basis of frequency which means that the advertiser can use multiple frequencies of the same advertisement to create more impact. having the option to broadcast your advertisement to the listeners over and again to create a remembrance of the brand. Likewise, because of the loyalty of individuals tuning in to a similar station, you can affect similar individuals all the more regularly.

Con: Inadequate attentiveness and often forgettable

Radio despite being a portable medium, isn’t a memorable medium. Often when too many advertisements come to the listener tend to forget the advertisement and most listeners of radio are involved in other activities such as driving or cooking which makes it difficult to grab attention and makes the advertisements forgettable. Also on the radio, the message is so prompt that a listener cannot save it or go back to it.

Con: Zero Visual appeal

Radio is a medium of ears and hence it lacks the visual appeal which comes with other mediums such as TV and Print. The advertisement will have less impact if an advertiser wants to advertise a product that has a visual appeal such as clothes and because of lack of visuals, the writing for radio has to be very descriptive so that readers can imagine what the advertiser is trying to communicate.

Con: Time-consuming National Buying processes

Brands who are looking to have a nation-wide presence may have to go through long processes as these large media conglomerates have their channels fragmented into different regions and the advertiser have to go through the process more than once to book spots and often change the content according to the stations too.

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