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Once again the IRS(Indian Readership Survey) results are out and guess what, the winner is none other than Radio Mirchi. It has emerged as one of the popular and number one FM broadcasters in Mumbai and Delhi.

The results were announced taking into consideration the top eight metros together. Going by the latest IRS data survey, Media Research Users Council(MRUC), the sole contributor of this report, has released it after a gap of nearly four years.

Going by the statistics, In Amchi Mumbai, Radio Mirchi is heard by approx 25.4 lac people weekly. That’s incredible, Isn’t it?

Coming to Delhi NCR, it is heard by a huge chunk of the population of 44.6 lac people making it the topmost competitor in these two cities.

Radio Mirchi leads the nation with 2.9 crore listeners as per approximation. In cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, Radio Mirchi’s second channel, a Hindi channel known as Mirchi 95 pulls around 9.6 lac listeners in total.

In cities like Jaipur, Pune, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Surat, and Nagpur Mirchi’s second channel called Mirchi Love can pull out 19.5 lac listeners.

Radio Mirchi leads by 46% among the seven metros while radio city is present except the city of joy(Kolkata). In the 7 metros, Big FM is present(except for Pune), and is leading by 28%.

According to the MRUC, nearly 20 crore people in India are Radio lovers and listen to FM Radio every month. The population is segregated between urban and rural areas. Also, radio listenership over the years has grown by 13 % in urban areas since the last research in 2014.

An important aspect of FM Radio’s listenership is its premium listener profile. As many as 45 % of the listeners are from the top 8 markets and belong to the premium class, NCCSA.

The listeners are the major audiences for advertisers. At the national level, the NCCS A listeners are marked at nearly 29 % which is double of their share in the population.

The reason behind this surge of percentage in the radio listeners is the listenership inside cars. At an approx of more than 25 % of the listeners in the 8 major metros consume radio attached in their car stereos which itself is a big leap since 2014.

A Brief About Indian Readership Survey(IRS)

MEUC(Media Research Users Council) launched the Indian Readership Survey(IRS) intending to provide media industry data catering to all research needed by its member companies.

Ever since it was launched, the IRS has played an instrumental part in helping the companies understand Indian customers in a whole different manner. 1995 was the first year of IRS with a sample size of 165000 households covering both rural and urban areas.

The IRS has grown over the years and has put a benchmark in Media Research. It is the only and widely accepted currency for planning execution and print readership.

The study enables cross-media comparison along with an array of information not only about media consumption habits but penetration of brands as well.

Thanks to the comprehensive methodology, IRS is unique and trustable among all the media companies craving for data-driven results.

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