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Advertising jingles are one of the most simplistic forms of advertising on the market. But they’re also one of the most successful. Jingles have been around since the advent of commercial radio, and there’s a reason why they are still used today. They are versatile, inexpensive and most of all – they work.

The jingle is the perfect way to get your company or product into someone’s head, and when the need for that product or service presents itself in their life, they will find the ditty associated with you comes to mind – and you are who they think of.

A good jingle can work wonders, whether it’s introducing a new product or rejuvenating an existing brand. That’s why it is necessary to always tailor a bespoke piece of music for your needs. This could be anything from a full orchestral piece, electronic dance or even full blown rock.

Choosing a radio station to release your ad, could be quite overwhelming. There are hundreds of stations across India, and if you’re a first-time radio advertiser, it’s important to get the right information about time slots and costs.Radio ads and other ‘Audio-Branding’ products require; script or lyrics writing, music composition, and finally voices and production.

There are some of the top rated and award winning Indian radio ads of all time that could surprisingly boost up your mood and urge you to memorize the product and its astonishing advertisement which could consequently increase their sales.




“Angrez ap k liye ap ki bhaasha to seekhen gy nahin, Ap ko hi Angrezi Seekhni paregi.”

Int. Lingua Institute made this amazing radio ad script to deliver the importance of learning English language in India and to create awareness among the people that they must have advance education for the betterment of their own self.

Company: McCann Erickson India Pvt. Ltd.



“Raju banata hai ab roz naye naye or anokhay bhanay !! Kyun k Mentos ..Dimagh ki battii jala deyyy…!!”

Mentos made this advertisement to deliver a message regarding a mind freshener quality of mentos that could drastically improve your thinking capability.

Company: Ogilvy & Mather


Bijli ki Samassya – HAPPY DENT

“Daanton se bijli banao”

Happy Dent created this ad script to convey a message that a chewing gum can also whiten your teeth and make them sparkle as bright as light.

Company: McCaan Worldgroup



“Is Deewali ap kisey khush karengay? ..Cadbury Celebrations ..Kch mithaas hojaye..”

Is someone angry? Gratify them by giving Cadbury Celebrations. It could be presented as a cute gesture, gift or kind of celebration deed.

Company: Contact Advertising India


Maccharr – ZINGO

“Maccharon ko maaren kuttay ki mout !!”

This hilariously amazing ad delivered a very strong message in a very short interval of time. Mosquitoes could be an extremely irritating thing to deal with but with ZINGO mosquito killer , they can be killed brutally and cruelly.

Company: McCaan Worldgroup


Head Tail – DISH TV

“Ab dekhye 5 gunah ziada picture details…Dish True HD kay saath by Dish TV…Live in High Definition”

Dish True HD is capable of displaying an extremely clear picture with many extra details. This message is being showed by Dish Tv to the people of India to make them aware of the worth of their product.

Company: McCaan Worldgroup



“Khanay me nakhray krnay wale bacchy ki chinta apko har pal stati hai na??….Isliye Heinz Tomato Ketchup..Jo Khanay ko bnaye tasty.. !!”

Having a cranky child? Buy Heinz Tomato Ketchup to make their meals yummier and become worry-free for your child’s empty tummy.

Company: Leo Burnett


Teacher – COMPLAN

“Bacchay k dimagh ki shakti barhao, COMPLAN pilaoo !!”

This radio ad script is being written to make people realize about the strong nutrition incorporated in this healthy product to make their child smart, intelligent and super active in his daily active.

Company: Leo Burnett


Beemari – UNINOR

“Kiya pata kab choti baat lambi khinch jayee..Is liye Uninor to Uninor 0 paise mein !!”

An amazing idea has been used to give information about a certain call package of Uninor mobile network connection to the audience that its free when you make a call to the same network.

Company: Leo Burnett


Pinkesh – NITCO

“Kabhi kabhi aisi baton se pairon taley zameen khisak jati hai..Islye lagwaye NITCO tiles”

Company: Scarecrow Communications Ltd.


Mukti Foundation – POLICE STATION

“Every year more than 500,000 female fetuses are being killed in mother’s womb in India, and this number is only increasing, HELP US save a girl child at Mukti sFoundation”

Company: JWT Mumbai


Kacchha – FILY FOLLY

“Lena dena to Cotton candy or Bubblegum ka bhi nhi hai phir bhi Fili Folly mein dono sath mein hai…Khaayee or maza urhayee !!”

This advertisement has very nicely portrayed the idea of combining cotton candy and bubblegum together in a candy and promoted this idea in an excellent manner to enhance its worth and sales simultaneously. People who think that cotton candy and bubblegum are not an ideal combo, will surely change up their mind after this ad!

Company: McCaan Worldgroup



“Dekha thora sa pressure diya or sb bahar nikal gya…EASILY!! , Esay hi Heinz Tomato Ketchup nikalta hai nayi squeezy bottle se Easily !!”

And here it is the Top rated radio advertisement of all time. It hilariously portrayed story of a man who caught red handed with his neighbor lady and when his wife asked, he puked the entire story in front of her and made his part clear…Just like the Heinz tomato ketchup new squeezy bottle that could squeeze ketchup easily without shaking and hitting the bottle hard.

Company: Leo Burnett


McCann Erickson India Pvt. Ltd.

McCann-Erickson India Private Limited was founded in 1985. The company’s line of business includes preparing advertising and placing such advertising in periodicals, newspapers, radio and television, and other media outlets. McCann India, Delhi has been rated as the No.1 Creative Advertising agency in the world. It deals in Advertising, Brand Consulting, Brand Strategy, Brand Reputation, CRM, Digital Marketing/Interactive, Direct Marketing and Event Marketing.

JWT Advertising

Jwt Advertising in Lower Parel, Mumbai is an advertising agency. It was set up with an endeavor to become one of the sought after advertising agencies and an acclaimed name in the Indian advertising sector. Through its targeted services, this company leverages one or more types of widely used and popular marketing and promotion channels – from outdoor, print, TV, digital, social media, radio, and rural – to ensure their clients reach their respective target groups and audiences

Leo Burnett India

Leo Burnett India is a multi-disciplinary solutions company. That is specialists in brand consultancy, communication, direct, digital advertising, mobile, social, ecommerce, retail and shopper marketing. Their focus on integration and specialization makes them unique in the market and puts us in demand as clients.

Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) India

Ogilvy and Mather (O&M) India, is one of the leading advertising agencies in India having a presence since 1928. The company in India operates with offices located in all the major cities. The focus areas include Advertising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Activation.

Scarecrow Communications Ltd.

The only Indian agency featured amongst top 16 – the world’s leading independent agencies 2015. scarecrow is one of India’s largest independent agencies & one of India’s fastest growing ad agencies which has offices in Mumbai and Delhi and has handled communications of the brands from various prestigious corporate. Scarecrow was voted India’s 2nd happiest agency workplace, through a nationwide survey conducted by