It is a proven fact that radio advertising has a popular base. Radio is one of those mediums that can help businesses to generate brand awareness.

With dynamic demographics and changing times, a variety of factors are to be considered while maintaining the flow of any businesses.

From small to mid businesses, all are on a tight budget. Keeping that in mind, it is essential to apply some tricks to keep radio advertising affordable.

Despite newspaper, television, cable, and the Internet as advertising platforms, radio ads are still effective and widely known.

Certain types of businesses tend to advertise on radio. The reason being, they can tend to be local and can provide a website link, location or a phone number to reach them.

Often radio stations provide the commercial and also indulge in negotiation for an advertising deal. However, before negotiation, you need to figure out which market and audience you are targeting and then find radio stations, programs for the same.

Below are a few tips you need to consider before buying radio ads.

Short Duration

These are generally standard 60-second commercials that offer advertisers the option of shorter commercials. The different commercials are categorised into 30 second, 15 second, or 10-second intervals. On a radio platform time is money and the cost is less during the same time of the day.

Run of station(ROS) Commercials

These are popularly known as rotator spots and are low priced commercials with a broad window of airtime. The most expensive ads run during the morning and afternoon. But when it comes to top ROS, the commercial can be air timed anytime from 6 am to midnight.

Fringe days or times

Fringe days are that slot of the day when the demand is less, or not as highly rated as other sessions. One can make use of this slot to initiate business campaigns as many stations are generally less expensive during that time.

On Air Features

Most of the radio stations offer businesses to sponsor their ads on the air in the form of traffic, news, or weather reports. These include a sponsorship mention like a piece of news brought you by the concerned company. These features are highly negotiable which may not require a premium.

Radio Station Promotional Events

If you want to add value to your radio campaign, you can sponsor a radio station event as a part of your advertising strategy. This can be negotiated as a part of your marketing package you need to make sure to ask about other promotional events.

Cross Promotions with other Advertisers

Before opting for cross-promotions you need to ask the radio stations who are interested in those kinds of promotions. Each advertiser needs to mention their purposes and accordingly opt for a discounted price.

Everything said above is suggested to get a market review before opting for any kinds of radio advertisements. The more you research, the more you will be able to monitor and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

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