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Do you want to know how to record a great radio ad jingle? This article will clarify everything you need to know about this crucial aspect of your radio ad recordings for campaigns.

Even though you may have a radio jingle that sounds pretty good on paper, it doesn’t mean it’s going to sell like the best ads in the world. The key to a successful radio ad is to get it across in such a way that the listener wants to do something and willing to take immediate action just by listening to your radio jingle. Let’s get into this topic and learn some important aspects to consider while recording your radio ad recording.


1. Choosing Right Song For The Right Script

The choice of song is one of the most essential elements of the whole advertising campaign. You can’t just choose any old song for your jingle. A good radio jingle usually needs to be very catchy and memorable.

Here are some ideas of what kind of songs you should consider in your recording studios:

  • Classic rock songs – are usually very catchy. Make sure that they really catch the listener’s attention by including these classics in your jingle.
  • Classic children’s songs – also work well and you’ll find that these songs are much easier to memorize and sing.

So, whatever song you choose for a jingle must be an attractive piece of an element and your listeners should understand what you are trying to get across.

2. Your Recording Studio Should be Sound Proof

The most important thing to do when you finally choose a room for your recording studio is to sound proof it. For this situation, building basements could be the best option.

  • Sound Proof Doors –The first step to soundproofing a room is to soundproof the door. You can do this easily by just adding a door sweep so that no sound escapes from the bottom of the door.
  • Sound Proof Walls –The second step of this process is to sound proof your walls. Now you don’t need to take apart your walls and put foam behind them. We are trying to make this easy and in case you need to convert the room back. You can purchase a roll of colored soundproofing mat. They come in a roll and have an adhesive back. It’s like putting on wallpaper but easier. If you don’t want to stick soundproofing mats on your walls than another good way is to hand thick heavy moving blankets. You can pick these up at the hardware store, they are huge, heavy and thick blankets that movers use. Leave a little room between the wall and the blanket and it’s perfect for soundproofing.
  • Floors Sound Proofing –Of course, it would be perfect if the room you chose was on the bottom floor of your house and had carpet. That way no sound can escape from beneath the floor. But if you don’t you can add carpet to any room and it will really help to cut back on the noise. For even more soundproofing, you can add thick padding underneath the carpeting, this would really help if your studio is on an upper level.

It would be awesome if you have no windows in the room, but in case you have windows in the room then you must soundproof it.

  • Sound Proof Windows –The ideal way to soundproof a window is to buy new sound proof windows but that may not be in the cards. You can hang soundproof windows in front of the existing window in case you have to remove it or I would simply hang one of those moving blankets in front of it. There is not much more you can do with the windows.

Now, your radio ad recording studio is soundproof for recording quality results.

3. Basic Equipment Required For Setting Up A Perfect Recording Studio

You should have known simple equipments required for setting up a perfect radio ad recording studio.

  • Investing In A Good Computer –If you really want to start a recording audio and music setup, then you need to invest in a good computer. If you are looking at getting a computer then you need to make sure that you have a lot of RAM and a lot of hard drive space. You can sacrifice your graphics card and other peripherals, but you must make sure that you have plenty of RAM. That way your recording and playback are seamless.
  • Audio Interface –An audio interface is what I like to call an outboard sound card. Mostly every computer comes with a sound card to allow you to play music and audio through your computer speakers. What an audio interface does is allow multiple lines of audio in and out of your computer. So if you bought an audio interface with 8 inputs and outputs then you would be able to record with 8 microphones and separate them on 8 different tracks and then play them back in 8 different tracks allowing you to isolate any one track or mute it.
  • Recording & Mixing Software –This is the most important aspect of setting up a recording studio. It ranges from demo recording to professional recording. The two biggest and most popular programs are Logic Pro and ProTools.
  • Condenser Microphone –If you’re planning on recording vocals and live acoustic instruments then you must have a good quality condenser microphone. And as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, applies to microphones as well. If you spend $20 then you’ll get a $20 recording (terrible) but you could spend over $100 and get an amazing sound. Microphone is very important to have in your studio.
  • Dynamic Microphone –A dynamic microphone is a must have for recording amped instruments (such as an electric guitar or bass) and for drums (usually each drum is recorded with a separate dynamic mic.) Get an SM 57 or SM 58 from Shure. They are about $200 per microphone.
  • Sound Proof Doors –The first step to soundproofing a room is to soundproof the door. You can do this easily by just adding a door sweep so that no sound escapes from the bottom of the door.

What else you need? Nothing. You are all set to record perfect radio jingles.

If you are one of them who wouldn’t like to setup your studio and want to hire the services of best and professional audio recording studio in Noida then you are at the right place.

4. Things To Consider While Choosing A Best Audio Recording Studio

While selecting the best recording studio, make sure that you consider the company who work in your budget without compromising the quality. No need to sacrifice quality for the sake of a lower price tag. Following thing you need to consider while choosing a best studio in Delhi:

Here are a few tips that you can use:

  • First, the studio needs to be clean. Make sure the place is clean and sanitized, and that everyone is presentable.
  • Second, think about the size of the studio. Since radio ads are in more focused fashion, you need to make sure the room can accommodate a large number of people comfortably.
  • Third, you need to consider the location of the radio ad recording studio. You can get a lot of help in this department from the internet. Find out the distance from the recording room to the transmission office and the radio station in the area.
  • Also, ask for details about the equipment that is used to record your radio ad. Whether you are doing a commercial or an informational spot.
  • Lastly, before making the final choice, get quotes from a few recording studios. Ask for a demo of the radio ad that you will be using and what they charge for the space.

If you really want to choose the best audio recording studio in Noida then you can go with with full confidence.