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What is an Audio AD?

Sound promotions of your business or brand are basically known as an Audio Ad or Radio Ad. Audio Ads are the one which includes only audios in it to directly convey your message or deals of your brand to their target customers on an audio platform i.e. Podcasts, music streaming sites and radio etc. They have immediately become an important type of computerized publicizing or publishing the brand to create awareness about it among the audience or listeners.

Types of audio ads

1. Live Listening

In this type of an audio ad the host is responsible for delivery and publishing the brand’s advertisement live on his radio show. This type of Advertisement is also known as live read. This kind of ad is progressively viable when you have a famous host with a well-rated show because that promotes trust that the host’s voice will convey additional load with the show’s crowd

2. Sponsored Ad

It is the type of ad that has been announced as sponsorship on any news broadcast, music shows, sports score or weather updates. The famous show of the listeners getting sponsored with a band will surely grab some the attention of the audience.

3. Spotted Ad

A created spot is a type of ad that is read straightly in a commercial break section of a live radio show. It can either be a straight perused of your publicizing message or a read that fuses various voices, audio cues or a jingle. A jingle is a short, appealing tune about your organization. These ordinarily, advise the audience members, attract them to listen and know where to discover your business or your items and can be clever, genuine, or useful.

What steps must be taken to make a good Audio Ad?


1. Know the Purpose:

In order to make advertisements for a radio channel or an audio ad that could be aired on any music listening to a platform such as Podcast and sound cloud etc, you must be well aware of the idea that you are going to present. An audio ad must be purposeful and it’s the intention of creation should be well known. There are three types of ad sell in the market that must be known in order to create a good advertisement for an audio platform

2. Hard sell

It is basically a type of selling campaign that has an overt, forceful and assertive advertising message. It belongs to the category where customer is sure to buy the product and he doesn’t have the need of looking anywhere else for some other options. It is mainly a door to door selling technique.

3. Soft Sell

Soft sell is a type of selling technique in which the advertising committee of a particular brand needs to establish a friendly relation with the customers and convey their message in a subtle and friendly tone.

4. Write a good script

The script of your Ad must be appealing and interesting enough to catch the listeners among it and could define in detail about the prose of your brand within a least possible time so that the audience could not feel the wastage of their time of feel exhausted otherwise it will be a divine failure.

5. Know the demography

A well highlighted ad is basically built on the demographic rules which mean that the brand advertising committee must be well conscious about the type of people they are conveying their message to. Their gender, age group and interests must be known to properly get their attention and diversion. If a message or ad is conveyed to a wrong group of people or someone that has nothing to do with that product then it will consequently lose its worth and would be a loss of revenue and time of the listeners.

6. Keep It simple

The script and idea of an advertisement must be simple enough to grasp by the precious listeners and must be powerful enough to remain in their memory without even having a visual picture of it. Lead the Ad with most important content and unnecessary content must be deleted out of it to keep it simple and straightforward so that the actual idea of that commercial could be finely reached to the listeners.


The next step to make a great audio ad is the way how you deliver it to the listeners and viewers. After preparing a good script and making a presentable idea, you are all set to prepare for the delivery part of an advertisement and focus on how you could deliver the idea to right people in a perfect day time and place.

1. Striking Voice Over

Indulging voice over can play a vital role in making an ad presentable and reasonable. You must know the criteria on which your brand is working and which form of conversation must be used in it to directly resonate it in the ears of the listeners and leaves a long lasting impression on their memories. There are two major tones of conveying an adverting message.

2. Conversational tone

Conversational tone is an informal and direct way of passing the message to the audience. It has pronouns, verbs and many common words used more frequently and it seems like as if two persons are talking directly. This type is usually used for teenagers and relatively fun loving people that could directly relate them to the product of brand you are advertising about.

3. Formal Tone

Formal tone is a way to deliver a speech the client in which a mutual respect is established and pretends that the speaker is serious and somber about his or her topic. Formal tone is basically used in a professional sense of delivery for publishing an advertisement regarding an academic course or institute or any convent professional firm.

4. Way Of Delivery

The normal way of speaking of a person is conversational and in average one can speak over 2 to 2.5 words per second. If an audio advertising platform provides you the facility of displaying an ad of about 30 seconds then you can on average deliver 75 to 80 words. One must be capable enough of delivering the entire message content in this short interval of time by cutting off the irrelevant, beside of the point and extraneous part of the content.

5. Ending Note

The advertising firm must in short be clear and precise about what the customer had to do. E At the end of the advertisement one must be clear enough that what they want the customer to do whether they are advertising about some discount deals of a particular brand and want the customer to go and grab the product ASAP or you are doing some extra promotional advertising of the brand to boost us its economy.


The third and last step of establishing a great advertisement on an audio platform is to constantly advance or improvise the script and idea tactics of that particular ad.

1. Keep A Track

Advertising committee of a particular brand must keep a track of the likes and dislikes of their customers and must be aware of what they want and need in the upcoming days. Their expectations must be fully satisfied. Keeping an eye out on how your ad is being represented or motivated among the people will help in making further adjustments in it. For this purpose Radio is a perfect means of transmission because people have direct attention on your words and they carefully listen and grasp every word of it and their reactions could easily be noted.

2. Feedback

Providing facility to the customers to have their feedback is the key essence of a successful business. A branding business is all because of the customer’s satisfaction so there must be provision of an opportunity for the customers to give proper feedback, suggestions, reviews and ratings about the product. The brand that works on the given suggestions of the customers is likely to prosper more.


The key points for making a great audio ad is well defined now that it must clear, written with good script, noise-less and in accordance with the demographic circumstances. This is what makes Radio ads, the king of audio advertising, keep them in mind for the next campaign.

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