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Launched in the country on 3rd July 2001, Radio City is the first privately-owned radio station in India. If you have access to the radio at any time of the day, then you cannot deny the fact that radio city is on your list of favorite stations.

But what makes radio city different and exciting?

It is their radio shows and RJs that are the ‘heartbeats’ of the station. From love shows to youth-centric shows, if you talk about content and style, then Radio City has been a benchmark. With a mix of regional and Hindi songs, engaging ads and jingles for promotion, this station is best known for its engagement across India + a huge listenership base. So when it comes to advertisements and promotions, then radio city is the most preferred station for marketers and brands.

Hence, in this article by Creative Thinks Media, we are going to help you with a list of shows over radio city, prices for various kinds of ads, and tips to get maximum engagement for your ad over the station.

So what are you waiting for? Sit tight and learn, right!

Shows Over Radio City

  • The most loved show ‘Suno Na Delhi’ is hosted in the morning by RJ Ginni. Her audience is the young and the working class who often leave their home in the morning and tune in to their show for some fantastic content and songs.
  • Next show post ‘Suno Na Delhi’ is ‘Maa When Ka Show,’ which is built around an engaging concept to connect with those who get up a little late or laze in the morning. A mix of jingles, songs, and lots of talking by the RJ, this show is undeniably favorite of many!
  • The next set of shows are – ‘City Ka Gabru,’ ‘City Ka Theka,’ ‘Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi,’ which have amazing content over them + the RJs are always high on energy. If you wish to target the youth in colleges and students in general, then these shows might be your choices.
  • But the most special one is ‘Love Guru,’ known for his voice, love guru has an amazing way to solve love related concerns of the audience. So if you have a product related to couples or lovers, then you know which show to target.
  • However, the love show is not the end of the story, with some other shows like ‘comedy ka ghanta,’ ‘radio city concert,’ and ‘Kissa crime ka,’ the night owls also get some entertainment in their kitty.

With so many shows and RJs, Radio City makes sure to engage anyone and everyone with their astounding planning, work, and execution to entertain the nation.

Now coming to the radio city advertisements and radio city advertisement rates 2020, here is a list of prices for various ads over the station:

  • Radio Commercials: They usually cost around Rs. 100 – Rs. 150 per second, which means Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1500 per round for a 10-second jingle over any show.
  • RJ Mentions: RJ mentions are a massive part of Radio City ad list costing around Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 5,000 per mention depending on the show and timings.
  • Sponsorship Tag: The sponsorship tag ads usually cost around Rs. 700 – Rs. 1,000 per mention.
  • Contests: The cost of the contest ads include Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 4,000 for conducting the content + the cost of content goodies and hampers.
  • Roadblock Ads: These costs around Rs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 6,50,000 approx. again depending on the RJ and the show that you choose.
  • Outdoor Broadcast: Outdoor broadcast ads cost around Rs. 6,00,000 – Rs. 7,00,000 per broadcast.

Now when you know the shows and ad costs for Radio City, here are a couple of tips from our team that can help you in getting a wider reach for your ad:

  • Conduct A Survey: Before running an ad over the radio, do a small survey and get answers from your target audience in regards to their favorite show, RJ, type of advertisement, etc. This will help you in investing in the right show and ad type.
  • Testing Is Your Best Friend: Whenever you feel that you need to run an ad campaign, then you should test 2-3 variants of that campaign. For example, you can go for RJ Mentions and Contests both and then pick the best option (that works for you).
  • Activate Your Social Media: Just doing radio ads might not be enough. In order to have a wider reach, it is essential for you to activate your social media accounts. You can also choose to run ads so that your brand is everywhere and the customers can recall your brand!

That is all from our end at Creative Thinks Media. If you wish to book a radio ad, then do connect with our team of experts. With an experience of 11 years and 100+ projects, we promise you only the best of our services.