How Radio Stations Build Up Mood for Holi Celebration, how to celebrate holi 2020

India is the country of festivals. It has a lot of festivals to celebrate most of the days. Some of these festivals are celebrated on a grand level. Holi is one of such festivals. In this festival, the Radio stations seem to be drenched in bright colors. In this article, we will get to know about some of the ways in which Radio Stations play a vital role in building up the mood for this joyous occasion.

  1. The Music

Music is part of every Indian festival. When we talk about Holi, music becomes more essentials for it in terms of increasing its colourful vibes, which listeners feel, even when not interacting it face to face. On this occasion, Radio stations Holi music can be listened to on every radio station. They play a variety of music based on the Holi theme. These themes may vary according to place, language, and culture, but the basic feel of Holi remains the same in all of these. They play both the mix of old and new songs of Holi, which are liked by the people a lot. 

In old music, they play some list of evergreen Bollywood movie songs which are liked by the people not just during Holi but even without Holi, but during Holi, they enhance the taste of the Holi celebration. For many of the people, these songs are so much famous that they don’t feel the real Holi celebration done unless these golden musical songs of Indian cinema are played. Some of these very famous Bollywood songs include

  • ‘Holi re Holi, MatsonKitoil ‘from the movie ‘Paraya Dhan,’ 
  • ‘Aaj na chhodenge bus hum choli, khelenge hum holi’ from the film ‘Kati Patang’,
  • Rang barse bheege chunar wali rang barse’ from the movie Silsila.‘ 

Sometimes they also play the non-stop DJ music too, which shower the colours of Holi moods on every listener. This DJ music makes their holi celebration more colourful than usual. Many of the people keep waiting for the radio stations holi celebration music in the form of Non-stop DJ music. 

This music makes them dance in a group while playing with colours too or enjoying the food party at the same time.

  • Live Updates About the Celebration

During Holi RJs of Radio stations, keep updating about various places in the city and particular places of country which are famous for celebrating Holi. Sometimes they narrate the whole surrounding of some specific places in such a good way that people feel like they are too one of the viewers of the holi function of that particular place and not sitting very far away from that.

The holi music at the radio stations, which keeps coming as background music, also keeps us feel all boosted up while they give the updates. 

  • Updates on Various Competitions Held 

During Holi everywhere, people organize different types of activities and fun based programs. In the radio stations, they also do not leave this chance to celebrate it with a lot of joy. They organize some specific programs and competition inside their Radio stations office and take part in those too. 

They also give us live updates about such programs, and people listen to it very eagerly as they love to hear and know about how their favourite RJs and favourite Radio stations celebrate Holi. In this way, they enjoy all the functions of Radio stations even being far from it.

  • Listen to Good Tips on Holi 

Holi is a festival which everyone likes to celebrate, but due to some reasons, this colourful festival may be proved very annoying and sometimes severely painful for many people. Many people do not play Holi at all while some people want to play it only with dry colours, and some people take part in the celebrations without a single touch of colours at all.

But in the joy of holi or due to lack of such knowledge, some other people do not understand it. 

So,Raj’s keeps instructing people about how to play Holi without ruining the moods of other people. In this way, they stop our conduction of some ill behavior and make our holi celebration worth really colourful.

  • Talks on Special Holi Recipe’s

We all love to eat food, especially when it comes to the occasions of Holi. Many of the people are well versed in cooking, but at the same time, many people find it difficult and also, they are not well aware of what to make on this special occasion. 

For all such people who feel the same on this festival, Radio stations arranges some cookery programs also to prepare some of the exceptional dishes which is not new and tasty for these novice people but also for the experienced cooks sometimes. 

So, celebrating Holi via Radio stations not just complete your music and various related news, but also helps you to try some delicious new cookery programs at the same time.

  • Updates on Water Usage

Most of the people, holi, seems to be incomplete if it is not celebrated with watercolors. People use a lot of water to mix colours in that and throw over others. These things might be your choice, but not everyone feels good when you do so. And at the same time, it wastes a lot and a lot of water at a considerable level. 

In India, many places are such where there is a scarcity of water not just on these festivals but almost throughout the year. For such sites, the wasting of water in such an irresponsible way is really not a good thing. These days Maharashtra is in the limelight due to this water scare problem. Radio stations appeal to people also for not wasting the water in such an irresponsible way. 

They educate the people on how to play Holi in the right way, even without wasting water and spoiling the mood of others and the festival.

  • Updates on Safety Measures

Radio stations also provide us with some advantageous knowledge about some safety measures at this festival. They tell us various methods to handle some specific problems related to colours and misbehave of overexcited people on this occasion.


The above points highlight how Radios help enhance the celebration mood in the festival of holi. Every little thing that occurs on the radio on that specific day is all about this colorful festival. It will be a delight for you to switch on any radio stations, as the RJ’s are fully-energetic on that day, and are sure to boost up your mood.