Ho to buy radio advertising, tips guide to radio buying at alll about fm radio branding

With the limitless options in the marketplace today, Radio Advertising is still considered as a stronger medium of advertising. According to data released by the IRS, almost 200 million people listen to FM Radio in India every month. Plus, Radio listenership has grown by 7.5% since 2018 which proves the scope of advertising in the radio industry.

So, let’s discuss radio advertising in-depth and how small and large businesses can make the best out of it.

1. By enrouting a feasible marketing objective

Marketing objective basically works as a mirror image for your business. For instance, when you market a product or a service, the main aim is to either reach a particular amount of audience or to boost your sales by a particular percent or to increase followers or likes in a particular time frame.

Similarly, when you are all set with your radio advertising campaign with a marketing objective, you must consider factors like radio station to select, message to send and the time to go live.

2. Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Before investing in a radio station to advertise your brand, you must ensure whether the particular station is corresponding to your target audience. Here quality over quantity means that your commercial should reach to the right audience, and not just to the large number of listeners who have no such demand or interest.

To figure out the quality of a radio station, you must do a comparison on your own or ask your team to research about it.

3. Don’t Go For Boring Or Lengthy Commercials

The reason short length commercials are more valuable is because the audience in the present era is both smart and lethargic. Long commercials make them feel bored even if they are interested in the topic whereas short and concise content is interestingly heard by the audience.

4. Advertise at the Right Time

The right time here refers to the time of the year when the demand of your product and service is the most. For instance during the festivities and holidays where the listenership increases and you can add on best offers and attractive rates in your commercials during that time period.

During that time of the years, business owners are more likely to experience 20 – 35% better sales. However, it is all about how smartely you can use your content in the right way.

5. Make Every Second Count

Usually, a 1-min commercial consists of 150 words. While you are following a particular budget, it might seem like a challenge to accomplish your marketing objective. For instance, do not waste time mentioning your contact number unless it is as simple as 5 times 8 because 95% of consumers will forget it within 5 seconds of listening.

Rather we suggest you make your commercial content related to your users, so that they can feel how this product and service can resolve their issue. Surely, you can mention your website link and also ensure the name of your brand is reaching the audience so that your target audience can visit your website once done listening.


The above-mentioned factors can offer your business better solutions within your budget. Rest, it all depends upon your planning and execution of creating your commercial and representing it in front of the advertisers.

Many radio stations have the prime time when the number of listeners are more as compared to the other time. You can even discuss it and buy that particular schedule to reach a wider audience. However, the cost could increase a bit by almost 20% of the basic advertising.

Hope you found this blog useful. Let us know in the comments section below what are the other things that need to be considered before investing in radio advertising.

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