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Before 2010, all we relied upon was radio advertisements because there was nothing much more interesting than radio ads. But if we look at the present moment, The radio ads have lost their presence because of the advanced technology the scientists have given us. Many people still think the radio ads or advertising via radio have perished, but it’s not as there are still many ways you can make your advertisement more intriguing.

All the ads was 30 to 60 seconds to tell their story among the listeners present at that time. That is the golden moment because it’s time they have to get as many people impressed by their ad as possible. It was just a matter of time when we were in 2010 or a bit later. Some things that matter while presenting an ad are keeping your content short but a bit intriguing as possible at the same time.

Also, the way you represent yourself and the advertisement matters a lot as it’s the thing that will help you achieve the goals. But we all know that it’s better late than never as the radio is still a platform to advertise your products or services. So, here are some tips that you can use to make your ad more intriguing and increase the chances of been noticed by people.

Tips for presenting radio advertisement:

The advertisement will always be great if you try to put some of yourself into it. Your advertisement will be successful if you know how to convey your message to your listeners.

  • We all know that honesty is the best policy, hence we should intend to keep that promise. Your advertisement must sound plausible to the audience. Make it short, simple, and straight rather not so promising or any fake promises. In other words, it should sound convincing and achievable. Your advertisement will be successful at that moment when it starts speaking for itself once you finish your part.
  • Everyone loves a good laugh, so let’s keep it that way. Try amusing your customers through your advertisement. Something unique and funny will make it memorable but you must stick to your message which you want to convey to your listeners.
  • We all have problems and every problem has a different solution or various solutions. People lookout for solutions that are unique and relatable to the problem they are currently facing. What will be better than solving a problem easily and effectively? Your solution should be persuasive enough to convince your listeners to get attracted.
  • When we say it should be short, we mean by sticking to the specifics. You must give your customers a reason to care for your product. You can go for any comparison, like telling something unique about your product which is not present in any other product. It will be great if your advertisement is straightforward.
  • Also, you must have heard the phrase, “Time is Money.” Your content must be concrete and promising and concise for the listeners to get the knowledge about what you are trying to convey because you have got a limited time to give your message.
  • To get to know your audience, you must think about what the audience needs. In other words, you should see it from there side what problems they are currently facing, which will help you design your ad. It will be beneficial for you if your advertisement is easy to remember, hence, try to speak the main thing about three to four times while representing your advertisement. Therefore, the customers will remember even if they were busy, doing something.
  • Try to make it easy for your customers, because you don’t know what they are doing at that time like driving or cleaning, etc. And you don’t want to disturb them. Hence, you should present it in such a way that it becomes possible for the customers once they complete their job. In simple language, you must not put an offer of limited time like “next 1 hour”, or “first 20 calls”, etc. After all, you do want the customers to take advantage of your service or product.

Strategic Planning:

Now that you know how to make your advertisement intriguing, it’s time for you to play strategically because from the starting we are saying it’s just a matter of time. Some strategy tips are:

  • You should look for the audience who are in dire need of your product or service. Like if you want to sell perfume, you will try to sell it around a household place and not an Industrial Area. Also, you should choose your stations wisely.
  • Now that you have chosen your station and the place, it’s time to check the activity. In other words, you must know when your customers or audience is active the most because it’s the peak time to sell your products or services to them because the more, the merrier.
  • Once it gets settled, it’s time to decide the area it should cover. For example, if you have opened a store, then you need a range of a whole sector. If it is a supermarket, then it should cover the whole city. If it is a multinational company, then it should cover the whole globe through your radio advertisement.


Let’s jump to the conclusion on radio ads. We learned how we could make them intriguing by making it more promising than sounding like fake achievements. We can make our customers happy by amusing them via our ads.

We must find a way to make our ads memorable, and to do that; we can repeat the message for them and sticking to it. Also, advertising is strategic gameplay; you must know how to satisfy your customers and taking an interest in your product. You must know which type of audience you are looking for and the best time at which the majority is live.

Also, you must cover the area according to you. At last, radio ads are still a great platform, the only thing is, you must have a way to present it.