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What is an Audio AD? Sound promotions of your business or brand are basically known as an Audio Ad or Radio Ad. Audio Ads are the one which includes only audios in it to directly convey your message or deals of your brand to their target customers on an audio platform i.e. Podcasts, music streaming …

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Effectiveness Of Radio Ads

Before 2010, all we relied upon was radio advertisements because there was nothing much more interesting than radio ads. But if we look at the present moment, The radio ads have lost their presence because of the advanced technology the scientists have given us. Many people still think the radio ads or advertising via radio …

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How To Record A Great Radio Ad Jingle

INTRODUCTION: Do you want to know how to record a great radio ad jingle? This article will clarify everything you need to know about this crucial aspect of your radio ad recordings for campaigns. Even though you may have a radio jingle that sounds pretty good on paper, it doesn’t mean it’s going to sell …